Friday, 10 December 2010

Tory Scum and Proud of It

Simon Cooke, reminiscing the 80s Militant Tendency and noting aspects of it once again in yesterday's riots:
For me, yelling “Tory Scum, Here We Come” is an admission once again of socialism’s defeat. There is no rational, intelligent argument in this dystopic, dehumanising creed’s favour so its advocates must resort to insult – to hurling abuse, to fear, aggression and destruction as a substitute for debate and discussion.
Absolutely. You always know when a socialist's arguments have failed; they resort to personal attacks of a quite surprising vehemence.  We capitalists are, to them, worthy of nothing but hate; we are evil, greedy, selfish.

We're not; we just want people to be free to support themselves, where and when they can.


  1. Yep, the hard left do seem to have lost this argument for now.

  2. "we just want people to be free to support themselves, where and when they can

    And where 'they can't' you'll continue to give them more rent than I can afford to pay to price me out of the market for a 1 bed flat bigger than a shoebox. Yet on the other hand be perfectly happy to turf me out of work

    Sorry, I don't think I'll ever bother voting for anyone again, they're all spinless charlatans.

  3. Let me get this right.

    You disagree with me, not because of anything I believe, but because of a belief that you have wrongly attributed to me purely because when making a different point, I didn't say I didn't believe it?

  4. It amazes me that the left claim the moral high ground, the "we are good, torys are evil" - yet the left hates (eg. Mrs t.) with a religious fervour...

  5. You started by saying you were proud to be a Tory!

    1) Fuel duty stabiliser? No
    2) Sell state bank shares to savers? No
    3) Increase child tax credits for workless families? Yes
    4) Cut housing benfit? 'Postponed' (yeah right)
    5) Help enterprise? Increase VAT
    6) Europe? Increase transfer payments to Brussels.

  6. Steven - You're conflating three things:

    1. The state of mind and outlook on life that is to be a Tory

    2. The Conservative Party, which may from time to time exhibit a more or less Tory outlook, and

    3. The current coalition government, of which the majority part is Conservative but which is not exclusively Conservative.

    You're then citing decisions by the Coalition - which is two steps removed from Toryism. But I've never claimed to agree with anything and everything that emanates from the Coalition, and do from time to time make clear that I positively disagree with them.

    Anon - spot on. They are so moral, so correct, that this entitles them to hate and to denigrate those of us who disagree with them.

  7. Religon and politics, havens for the deranged and mentally ill. There is NO difference between left and right today but you deluded fools persist in spreading the lies of your political dogma. Madame Guillotine is required for all of the British Establishment, it is no longer fit for purpose!

  8. Are you one of the "Anarchists" who went on the march over the weekend to call for bigger government, by any chance?

    I'd agree with you that the British political system needs reform, and that the politicians are the last people who should be entrusted with it. But if the rule of the mob and the guillotine are good enough for the "Establishment"*, then you'll probably find that someone will eventually decide they're good enough for you, too.

    *Ah, The Establishment, that wonderful English term meaning "anyone who has done better than I have"

  9. Oliver Cromwell had a poor opinion of politicians, i.e. the Establishment as well!

  10. Let me know when you plan to start making sense ;-)

  11. Let me know when you have a proper job :-)