Friday, 24 December 2010

Please help me on this one

As Dizzy notes, the.... delivery.... is... quite.... awkward.  I kind of find it hard to believe that this is a real, natural human delivery.

However, if it is not, that would suggest that someone has trained him to do this, which is equally laughable.

Clearly, there must be a third explanation.  But what??


  1. My guess is that he feels like a complete fraud and is honest enough not to be able to hide it. He is, after all, racially Jewish and ethnically Marxist.

    His attitude towards Christmas is probably not much different to the Chinese...

    Merry Christmas Patently and family!

  2. His delivery is kind of like a sermon. Very creepy, however, whatever he was trying to achieve.

  3. "Clearly, there must be a third explanation."

    I'm pretty sure David Icke could give us a clue!

  4. **and [pause] also,** perhaps he is mourning given the tie. The camera angle, below and at a distance, is strange which, together with the light switch, tries to convey a workman like approach, but this is spoken from a script. The Queen is safe.