Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I've been a *very* good boy this year

So if any of you are looking for a Christmas present for me, here's a suggestion:


  1. Oh. I suppose I'd better send the single of Boney M's Rasputin back then.

  2. Nice car, shame about the plonker they chose to evaluate it. Someone should let him know about feeling for grip, rather than hanging it out all the time. That's the Clarkson look-at-me-I-can-drive-a-fast-car method, not serious quick driving.

  3. Hi Richard. I've met the plonker, and he's actually a decent bloke with proper driving skills. I'm guessing he has been told to produce a Clarkson-style video with plenty of sideways antics. Many of the other edits are very much in the TG mould.

    To an extent, I would want to know that a car with that much power was controllable at the limit - which he certainly proves. However, if it was mine then I doubt I'd want to risk its bodywork (and mine) in that way. Nor could I afford the tyres...

    Albert - we all know you bought it for yourself and that, long after you say you've taken it back, we'll find it hidden at the back of your collection.

  4. Fair point about the controllability, and I would agree. I feel it is a shame Porsche think they have to go for the schoolboy vote, though. The ad, while displaying a mouth-wateringly nice car, didn't sell it to me. In fact, the reverse. If I bought one, I'd be forever wondering if people thought I was a dickhead who likes that kind of thing.

    Don't get me wrong - I love TG, and it's the only TV programme I ever watch, but I don't use it to plan my next car purchase.

    I was wondering about the tyres too ...

  5. If I bought one, I'd be forever wondering if people thought I was a dickhead who likes that kind of thing.

    Oh, don't worry about that one. If you drive a Porsche, almost everyone else on the road will hate you! You won't care, though :-)

    (I speak from experience...)

  6. Yes, maybe so. Some of us would like the chance to see if we were hated that much too :)

    I read your Nurburgring Adventure with interest (and some degree of envy), and only a couple of days later I was walking the dog down at the beach and there was a classic Porsche (possibly a 924, not sure - the one with the big back window). It was a beauty, all set up for track days with Recaro seats, split rims, fancy brakes and so on. And there, on the rear bumper, was the little Nordschleife decal in the shape of the racetrack. If it hadn't been for your blog, I wouldn't have known what it was. So thank you.

  7. So if you don't get one, can we infer you have in fact been a *bad* boy?

    Sadly another distinct possibility is that you have been *good* and you won't get one. Now where is the fun in that?

    Pssst..... the answer was (b).

  8. Glad to have helped, Richard! A big back window suggests a 924, 944, or 968. Quite a few 968s and some 944s have been track-prepared, and there is also a 924 race series.

    M - I suspect the latter possibility. But I will still have fun.

  9. Itv was a 944. Should have grabbed a pic. It looked very - how you say - purposeful.