My Caterham Experiences

As you may know, in 2011 I decided to sign up for the 2012 Caterham Academy.  This involves buying a suitable-equipped Caterham and racing it for one season in a series of competitive events run by Caterham themselves.  You can buy the car ready-built, or you can follow Caterham's recommendation and buy it as a kit, building it yourself.  I decided to take the latter option.

I blogged some of my initial experiences here, but once the build was underway I set up a specialist Caterham Build Blog to record both the build and my susbsequent experiences in the Academy.  This page is therefore to give a set of links to the complete process from start to finish!

First, there was my introduction to Caterham.  After showing some interest in them, their marketing machine kicked in and persuaded me to go on a Caterham Drift day.  The post at Lateral Thinking has my notes on a fun but cold day out.

To try out the Caterham experience before I committed to the Academy, I took advantage of Caterham's Hire-a-Seven to borrow one for a long weekend.  It's fair to say I liked it - My thoughts on a weekend with a Caterham Seven

My kit arrived on 30 September 2011; here are the pages dealing with the build process, and here are the pages dealing with my outings in the 7.