The Caterham Build

The kit finally arrived on 30 September 2011, and the build started:

The kit arrives

I sort out the front suspension

I move onto the body and some of the interior

I get frustrated at shortages, then realise I had them all along

I prepare the engine

The engine fits in!

...which lets me do the cooling system and the steering

and then make more progress with the interior

The differential goes in, with some difficulty...

...but finishing it is a nightmare!

I can then start on the rear suspension

...but run out of bits ... and go shopping for tools

With the extra bits delivered by Caterham, I can finish the rear suspension (nearly)

which means it's time to get oily and have fun (not) with the handbrake.

Then I pause, so summarise the important fluids needed to build a Caterham

The seats go in, sort of, and the brakes get bled, sort of

The bodywork gets finished, meaning the wheels can go on and the car can stand on the ground

Much excitement ensues when the car starts, eventually I calm down enough to describe what happened.

Having made a car that works, I then set to making one that is usable in the UK - by adding the weather protection!  Which means it is safe to leave the garage for the first time.

No sooner does it work, though, than it is taken off me.  Caterham collect the car to check my handiwork and register it for me.  That leaves me free to reflect on the process.

Fortunately, Caterham are happy, so after much waiting it passes its IVA and, eventually, is registered.  Which means... I can go and get it!

Then, I can start work on the race modifications... getting as far as I can without help...

(I'll try to keep this page updated as I publish more about the car! )