Friday, 3 April 2009

My Money Worries are Over

A new case has landed on my desk. I am to act for one quango in a trade mark dispute with another quango.

Suggestions, please, as to by what factor I should multiply my usual charging rate.


  1. Ha!

    Sounds like you need some additional assistance ;-)

  2. Perhaps you need a custom website or an iPhone application for the project? Can't do these things by halves, you know, the job needs doing properly...

    Oh, and I'd say about 300% would be about right. Don't want to overdo it, now...

  3. Agree with 300%. At least!

    And be sure to do a lousy job, and then charge them again for the work you need to put in to fix the problems.

    It's how the government approaches IT work, after all...

  4. The usual allowance is £30 for meals and 1st class travel of any type.

    Oh, and another house.

  5. Yes, I think an iPhone app and a second house could go under "misc other disb". Will have to check whether they are VAT-able, though...

    Julia - good idea!

    Blue - best send me a CV... :o)