Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Guess which is the top No: 10 petition?

Yes, the No:10 leader board of most popular petitions is now led by this one - a one-word petition asking that Gordon simply:


Yes, I know the whole online petition system is pointless and silly. Yes, I know that it has no effect. Yes, I know it means giving your name and address to someone who (a) you have just insulted, (b) ultimately controls Special Branch, MI5 and MI6, and (c) has "anger management issues". Yes, we all know he'll ignore it.

But come on .... every extra name is an embarrassment to him. He embarrasses us enough. Why not. Just sign it. Go on. I have.

And if you're wavering, think of this. The only election he has faced to get to where he is now was his constituency election, in which 24,278 people voted for him. So far, 28,822 have voted for him to resign. Ooops, Gordon....


  1. And you will have noticed which petition was in fifth place.

  2. I have just signed it.

    I felt a tinge of guilty when I was thanked for doing so!

  3. Good work, Measured. I suspect it will be up to fourth place any minute now!