Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Ed Balls is an immature idiot

I arrived home last night to find a copy of The Times lying about (thanks, Ocado...), so I read it over dinner. The lead article was on the subject of the Edlington torture case. Truly, crimes don't get much more shocking than this. The suspects, two boys of 10 and 11, appear to have tortured two boys of 9 and 10. The suspects were in local authority care at the time, had been moved to the village only a few weeks earlier, and had been the subject of several reports to the police which (it seems) were not followed up seriously.

Needless to say, everyone who offered comment was appalled. But one comment stood out; that of Ed Balls. Here it is:
Ed Balls, the Children’s Secretary, said that the attacks were barbaric. “We were all deeply shocked by what we read.” he said. “It’s really very important that we don’t jump on a bandwagon and allow all groups of children to be demonised. The vast majority of young people should not be smeared by politicians trying to peddle rhetoric about a broken society.”

I read that, and for a moment I thought that Ed Balls was trying to make a party political point out of a horrific tragedy. So I re-read it. To my surprise, he was.

Let's just set that out again. Ed Balls, on hearing of two primary school children who abducted two even younger children, who tortured them with knives, bricks and burning cigarettes, and who left one of them for dead, decided that now was an appropriate time to try and score a point off David Cameron and his "broken society" speech.

Ed Balls; you are an idiot. You are an insensitive prat. You would make a secondary school debating society look mature.

But, you started it, so let's look at the political implications of this. These two boys are both 11 or less. This means that they have grown up entirely under New Labour. Their schooling has been under New Labour. Their upbringing has been under the watchful eye of New Labour, Sure Start, and so on.

They were in the care of the local authority, governed by rules set down by you, Ed Balls, a New Labour Minister, and answerable to you, Ed Balls.

Their behaviour has been reported repeatedly, it seems, to the police. A police force that has been shaped and moulded according to the wishes of New Labour. A police force whose priorities and resources are decided by New Labour.

And the result? They were, it seems, utterly evil and without care for their fellow man, or should I say child. So when David Cameron says that we have a broken society, it does rather seem that he is right. Which means, I have to say, that you are wrong.

Ed Balls; resign now. You do not deserve to be a Minister, you contemptible little ****.

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  1. You know why he said it though Patently. I heard it too and thought the same.

    The Bulger case was a final nail, in a coffin full of nails, of the Major government.
    The entire spin output immediately after this case was 'lets not jump to conclusions/don't demonise kids/ there is no broken society.'

    I would say it was largely successful. The case has not hit the public nerve like Karen Matthews or baby P.

    Clever, clever man Ed Balls. I think he will become leader and then acquire the full rewards that he so richly deserves.