Wednesday, 26 November 2008


No, actually, I'm not just angry. I'm really angry. Really seriously angry. Assembling a mob and walking down Whitehall angry.

I've done the sums on the PBR figures - what do they mean for me. I've posted before that my share of Brown's additional taxation since he came to power is enough to pay off my mortgage, and that even the part that he has wasted would be enough to double my pension fund. I've now applied the same arithmetic to find out my share of the new borrowing that Brown and Darling are going to inflict on this country. And the answer very nearly made me burst into tears at my desk.

To repay that debt, even without interest, that pair are going to have to raise my taxes by more than all the savings that I have worked to accumulate over the years. We are talking a figure that is well into six figures. And this is not to put right my mistakes; I have (deliberately) been careful with money; I have turned down offers of mortgages two or three times what I felt was sensible, I routinely bin any mailshot offering me a loan, my credit card is paid off every month, and I accept no vendor finance - not even for cars. If I cannot afford it now, today, I don't buy it; I would rather wait until I can pay cash. Don't even try to pin the blame for this credit-driven crash on me.

Gordon Brown: this is it. This is quite enough. I now hate you, both personally and professionally. You have given me nothing; New Labour has not improved things for me in the slightest. Meanwhile, your taxes took away from me the ownership of my house. Now, you have decided to take away my savings. I am seriously considering posting you the shirt off my back, as you seem determined to waste every last pound that I have worked to earn for myself and my hardworking family.

You no longer rule with my consent. Your administration no longer has my co-operation.


  1. And all this extra debt on top of the existing debt just so that he can say "but we are DOING something".

  2. Dear Mr Patently
    Thank you for the shirt.
    Unfortunately you did not include the socks and pants that we need to Car boot down Vauxhall in order to get the PSB under control.
    If you put them and any other items like,perfume,cds,dvds,gift vouchers pension funds,gold,club card points,premium bonds,tesco vouchers, tax credits,Ni contributions, cars,savings accounts, Isas, family allowence, petrol, for schools,airmiles, into the black bag provided a Mr Darling will collect them from your door on Thursday.
    Remember our slogan..

    Labour:Every little helps{me}

    Yours, Gordon Brown
    acting Prime Minister.

  3. 'You no longer rule with my consent. Your administration no longer has my co-operation.'

    This democratic deficit is quite as bad, and quite as costly as the economic and financial black hole. How is your confidence in the country's system of government ever to be regained?

    This has never happened before, the abandonment of the way we organise our society by swathes of the population.

  4. /applause

    Great post!

  5. Thanks all.

    acting Prime Minister

    This democratic deficit...

    Yes, I think that is an important point. Brown has no mandate for this. If he thinks he should do this, he should go and get one. Right now.

  6. Applause from me too.

    Are you qualified ? Young ? Able to escape ?

    Do so. Don't be a slave or a fool to a country which you own nothing.

  7. If you want to go back to a normal life, there is a new Party that want to do just that.

    Now that Labour, Tories and Libdems are all the same, they all want big government, big spending, and self importance.

    This has got to be a good idea.

  8. EK:
    Qualified? Check
    Young? Umm... sort of ... ish
    Able to escape? No; I have two kids settled in a good school.
    Otherwise, Aus or NZ would beckon loudly. If Labour wins again, I might think more seriously about it.

    Tom - welcome. Glad to see you here. I'll be supporting a party that stands a chance of kicking Brown out, though. If the Libertarians get to that stage in time, I'll think about it as my basic views are essentially the same. But pragmatism must rule, and Brown must go.