Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Mmm... Tax Cuts

So the three parties are now in agreement that taxes should be cut in order to save us from a catastrophic recession. The only arguments are about how much and where.

I'm confused, though. If tax cuts are the way to help in recession, then why was Gordon's ever-increasing level of spending, taxation and borrowing the right way to prepare us for the coming storm?

Or did Gordon not notice any of the looming signs?

Someone should ask him. Dave?


  1. A friend of mine said that gordi did not expect to still have labour or himself in power. He did a lot of setting up for things to blow up in the tories faces and it has backfired.

    Do not know if that is true or not but the stupidity or is that greed of politicans and their minions leads me to believe that anything is possible.

  2. Well, that would explain quite a lot!

  3. Unfortunately, this economic matter has become a political football, thereby obscuring what's actually at stake here.

  4. I disagree, L, I think this debate is healthy and we might actually get a sensible plan.

    Vetnurse - that sounds remarkably plausible. T Blair did not expect spend so long in No. 10 and Brown's only mission is to destroy the Tories.

  5. A sensible plan would certainly mark a new direction in Government!

    I worry, though, that all the plans currently under debate are just tinkering. Economists talk of returning a few % of GDP back to the economy - to do that would mean a wholesale dismantling of the Brown state. Brown would never do that, and Cameron is frightened of the voters that would then be on the dole.