Thursday, 27 November 2008

Things you never thought you'd see vol 42

... such as a trance remix of a speech by the Shadow Chancellor:

which I am putting here because I think it is just wonderful. Both in terms of the actual video production by Tory Bear, to whom huge credit should go, and also for the excellent content provided by Osborne. He really spoke for me that afternoon.

Labour have done it again. What a wonderful slogan. Let's make sure it keeps being repeated from now until the next election results are in.


  1. I think "Labour Have Done It Again" neatly gets it across. It is undeniable by Labour, and exactly what they promised they would not do. Please find me some 05 Labour voters in marginal constituencies so that I can shout at them for being so stupid.

  2. Would love to try and find some, but I'm not sure many will own up to it...

  3. But a third of people selected for opinion polls still say they will vote Labour next time. Who are these people?

  4. Indeed. Labour have driven us down the same road again, but I don't think it will really sink in until unemployment starts to really accelerate.