Friday, 28 November 2008

Green Politics

I can't help but think of what I posted on Wednesday:
"Really seriously angry. Assembling a mob and walking down Whitehall angry"
One of my points of pride in being British used to be that we run a democratic system in which it is up to the people who rules them, that the Prime Minister is answerable to the people, that the police don't break into Parliament, and that Opposition politicians don't get arrested.

Brown was not chosen by us, nor did he see fit to present himself to us for approval within a reasonable time, as Major did. Instead, Brown ran away from the opportunity for the utterly comtemptible reason that the polls said we would reject him.

Brown is not answerable to us; he represents a Scots constituency. His constituents are to a significant extent ruled by Holyrood. Brown's decisions in many areas are visited upon English voters who have no say in his re-election, whilst his constituents are protected from those decisions.

And as for the arrest of Damien Green, I am simply staggered. I hear that ministers claim they did not know (although I for one will be reserving judgement on that issue). Asuming they did not, I want to know why not. Why on earth did the Home Secretary not know that a politician was to be arrested? The only possible reason is that she has no grip whatsoever on her department and should go, now. And if she did know, I am angrier still.

And, on top of all that, there is the breathtaking hypocrisy involved. I distinctly remember seeing an article in The Times on Monday morning with a photo of Alistair Darling holding the PBR, stuffed full of details of what was in the then still unreleased PBR. When is he going to be arrested??

Blue Eyes is right again. Labour are making this a totalitarian state.


  1. In this instance, I hate being right.

  2. Jim Hacker: "I want this traced at once. It must have been someone at yesterday's meeting."
    Sir Humphrey: "Well, I'll set up a leak inquiry straight away."
    Jim Hacker: "I don't want a leak inquiry. I want to find out who did it."

  3. Bill - the next sentence in that episode is:

    "Prime Minister, when there is a leak, normally one doesn't really want to find out who is responsible, just in case it turns out to have been one of your Cabinet colleagues."

    Good coverage of the PBR in Monday morning's papers, I thought.