Saturday, 15 November 2008


I've just realised;
  • I own my home, with a mortgage
  • I drive a sensible diesel automatic family saloon
  • I'm married
  • I have two kids
  • I worry about their 11+ prospects
  • I commute to work,
  • listening to Radio 4 on the way,
  • and, on arrival, work (mainly) at a desk all day
  • Describing myself as "mid-30s" is becoming increasingly unsustainable
  • Watching "Life on Mars" was nostalgia, not education
OMG, I'm middle-aged. When did that happen?


  1. :-)) wait till you hit 40 then. Let alone the rest of the bit age 0's

    Radio 4 is a good programme especially in the mornings, and 17:00 onwards weekdays.

  2. All the late 30's symptoms are normal.

    Just make sure you don't suddenly slip into mid 40's and find yourself watching Spooks and saying to your partner
    "Didn't he used to be in Allo Allo..We have that same cheese plant don't we..only in a different pot..Why did he spy on his wife in the houseboat? It's not his wife! He isn't married? Is he with that blonde? She's his stepdaughter?...Well she was definitely in Allo Allo.." etc.

    A really bad sign is suddenly turning up the radio to hear the shipping forecast,finding out that you have a favourite cardigan, wondering what The Archers look like and worst of all hoping its Quote Unquote and not Just a minute..

  3. Thank you both :o)

    BQ - no cardigan will ever enter my wardrobe. Ever. They were my Dad's favoured mode of dress, which has killed them forever so far as I am concerned!

    And the theme tunes for the Archers and Quote-Unquote still provoke a reflexive jab at the 'off' button, I'm relieved to say. Long may that continue!

  4. You know you are no longer the youth of today when your teenage girl tells you off for sounding "like a pensioner", or you find yourself asking her if she is warm enough when she is away from home....

  5. As someone said..
    "I would stay in a cold bath to listen to I'm sorry I haven't a clue, but would get out of a warm bath to switch off the archers."

    I fall into that category and have the same jab to the button reflex too.