Thursday, 2 October 2008

Don't try this at home pt2

I commented earlier that I had worked out how much my share was of the £100bn that Gordon Brown had (allegedly) wasted. I've just re-done the calculations based on the trillion quid of extra taxes said to have been raised by Gordon over the 11 years of Labour rule.

When I reached a figure I was certain of, I had to sit down. Even without interest, it was roughly the same as my outstanding mortgage. And breathe...

Frankly, it highlights everything Cameron is saying about Gordon's mismanagement. Never mind failing to mend the roof; if Gordon had left that money in my hands then I would not now need one single pound of credit in order to live. Multiply that by everyone else, and think how much better our financial prospects would look. OK, there might be fewer social workers and diversity co-ordinators, but (on balance) I think I'd benefit more from having no mortgage than from knowing that my Council's diversity balance is fully and properly co-ordinated.

I really must stop doing this, preferably before I get an ulcer.


  1. Nonsense. You may have paid off your mortgage, but would you be having your 5 a day?
    No, better off poor, but ever so slightly healthier.

  2. Hmm ... 5 a day, for 365 days a year, for 11 years, that's 20075 items of fruit & veg.

    Or £19.93 each ... well worth it ;-)

  3. 5 a day is a metaphor for New Labour.

    Enourmous expense and obsessive nannying, heavily monitored and regulated, forced onto the education system instead of education, designed to control obesity despite not being sure exactly how. Sounds great in a strap line but is extremely hard to actually define its purpose or how its to achieve its unstated purpose. Unclear as to what the 'five' means, deliberately vague as to allow the public's own interpretation. Dreampt up by consultants and tested on focus groups, hailed as a triumph yet actually delivered the meagerest of meager returns on the money, time and effort expended.

    "Apples are good for you, eat them" was something your Nan told you for free when you were two years old.

  4. Show us your figures before you spout off any more.