Monday, 19 April 2010

That Lib Dem Campaign Stance In Full..

  1. Both of the other two parties are awful. Really awful. Together, they got us into this mess.
  2. The two party system keeps us in this mess by disempowering voters and handing power to entrenched political elites.
  3. Vote for me, so that I can hold the balance of power and decide for you which one should stay in government.
  4. Err, that's it...


  1. Wasn't that the LibDem's manifesto?

  2. No. 1 & 2 seem unexceptionable. As for 3. consider this: the BBC this morning refers to a YouGov poll "carried out on Saturday and Sunday, suggests the Lib Dems are 1% ahead of the Tories on 33% with Labour in third place on 26%."

    The bogus claim is 4'. The Lib Dems are new and better.

    As I said the other day, that doesn't seem to be the case when they are in local government. I suspect they will be worse in national government, because, as even they never expected to be elected, their plans probably are not up to being put to the test.

    Nevertheless, I rather like the idea of the Liberals being on one side of the House and the Tories on the other, and the Labour MPs - well, let's see if there's some space for them somewhere near the back.

  3. What's that, Albert? Space for a few Labour MPs on the rack??

  4. There is no space on the rack at the moment the Conservatives are on it and are likely to stay on it.

  5. I fear you may be right, Antisthenes. In which case, can the last productive person in the UK please turn out the lights when they leave.