Friday, 16 April 2010

Debating the Debate

A post on THE DEBATE seems to be mandatory, so here goes.

Good lord, Brown is a singularly creepy individual. Fortunately, Mrs P is a counsellor, else I would still be traumatised by The Smile - which we saw repeatedly whenever he managed to insert one of his pre-prepared barbs. Trouble is, it doesn't work here, Gordon. You're not at PMQs, we are expecting you to answer the question you've been asked, not the question you feel like answering.

Then there is Nick wotsisname. Seemingly the winner, apparently through the cunning tactic of vehemently laying into the other two for their habit of repeatedly attacking each other. It seems that if we don't like either of the other two, we should vote for him so that he can decide which of them to hand power to in a hung Parliament. Hmmm.

And then there is Dave. Grow a pair, please. Get stuck in. Tell Gordon that a tax cut does not mean the "money is taken out of the economy". Ask him why every single question was about why today's public services are rubbish, when he has been spending money on them hand over fist for over a decade. You began to get there, by pointing out the difference between spending and results, but you really need to hammer that one home as it is the core theme of Brown's failure.

Overall, no-one will be surprised to hear that I have not changed my mind as to my voting intentions...

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  1. I'm amazed at how well people think Clegg did. He spent much of the evening telling us that we've had 60 years of the same old Tories and Labour, but that Lib Dems will be different.

    How can anyone be taken in by that? We've all lived under Lib Dem councils and found them to be of exactly the same stuff as the other two. Why would they be any different in a national government?