Wednesday, 7 April 2010

It's going to be a long month

I arrived home last night in time for dinner with Mrs P and the children, which was nice.

We had the news on in the background, which sparked some questions. First, we had Little Miss P with her somewhat disarming question about what the Lib Dems were. We had just given Master P a potted summary of why Labour were called what they are, and then up popped that one. We had to confess that we didn't have a simple answer*, which kind of says it all.

Master P then piped up again. Having seen most of the 6 o'clock broadcast by then, and played with the red button a bit**, he exclaimed "But ALL the news is about the election!".

As I said, it's going to be a long, long month.

@Nissemus suggested that this was a failing on my part, but was unable to offer a suggestion of his own.

**I have trained him well. He takes possession of the remote at every opportunity.


  1. I said to my wife yesterday evening "Did you hear the election was called today?"

    She replied (without irony) "It wasn't today was it? I was thought it was ages ago."

  2. Mrs Q said the same thing. "Didn't he just have an election?"
    "No. That was a coup."
    "Ahh. I wondered why he was suddenly going on about being part of a team."