Monday, 22 February 2010

Who to believe?

Many, many commentators, journalists and former Downing Street staff claim Gordon is a bully. Lord Mandelson says he isn't. Who, I wonder, should we believe?

Surely, the leader of the Labour party could not be a bully? After all, they are the party that:
  • tell us we can't smoke
  • tell us we shouldn't eat too much
  • tell us we shouldn't drink too much
  • tell us we must have 5 a day
  • tell us we shouldn't discipline children
  • tell us not to drive anywhere
  • tell us we can't protest against what they do
  • tell us we can't take photographs of buildings
  • tell us we can't take photographs of police officers
  • tell us we can't even discuss immigration because that would be racist
  • electronically strip-search us before we can get on an aircraft
  • routinely stop and search people who go out for the evening
  • want to snoop on all our emails & web usage
  • tell us they know best in all aspects of our lives

And we are expected to believe that the leader of this party is a bully? That he orders his staff around and shouts at them?

Surely not?


  1. I'm worried that this story is just another piece in the jigsaw of demands for new, restrictive, legislation.

    I feel manipulated.

    And not in a good way either.

  2. O/T ish, but you mentioned it.

    How do I cut my 5 miles a day driving? Where am I going just because I can?
    I used to in the 80's with the top off the MGB
    Not now. Not at £1.10 a litre.

    If I drive 5 miles nearer to the town I usually go to I'll be in a field?

  3. Thanks, all.

    Manwiddicombe - I doubt that this was engineered with that in mind, but it may well be the trigger for such. Everything else is, after all.

    BQ - Yes, it has struck me that reducing my journey by 5 miles a day would be quite easy. However, my productivity might well be impacted negatively if I sit all day in a layby 2.5 miles from home. Mind you, that might reduce my tax bill.

  4. Does this mean that every member of this government is a bully?