Saturday, 6 February 2010

Watch and be amazed

Jim Devine:

Right then Jim, let me understand this. You knowingly presented a receipt for "stationery" that you had faked, which you knew related to staff costs not stationery. You thought this was ok because someone that you won't name in the Whip's office (not the Fees Office, of course) said it was ok. It didn't strike you as odd, at all?

And you expect us to swallow that story?

Good luck in Court. You'll need it.

(Hat Tip: Old Holborn, via Leg-Iron)


  1. I'd say he was insulting the intelligence of the electorate, but for a significant proportion of them, I'm not entirely sure that's even possible...

  2. This is where the real scandal lies. The Whips were able to exert influence over MPs through their links with those in the Fees Office. I mentioned it a while back on LfaT's blog but no one has spoken out about it to the best of my knowledge.

    An informal word by the Whips would mean the Fees Office either waved through claims or held them up as they were scrutinised and rejected. To me, this demonstrates just how corrupt the system had become; any independency of thought was brutally penalised but on the other hand if the Whips won over an MP, (s)he could be rewarded. This has had serious consequences, the most grave being that the Executive has been able to do pretty much as it pleased for the last eight years.

  3. Yes, M, that is indeed pure corruption. Devine's admission that the Whips were involved in expenses is perhaps one of the more serious aspects of this affair.

    Julia - Like, wot is u torkina bout? Eh?