Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fairness for all

Master P is off school today. He got slightly crushed playing rugby yesterday. He still won, though.

Anyway, he found our copy of the Mr Bean videos and watched this one this morning:

Part 1:

Part 2:

It struck me that socialist concepts of fairness end up working like the bus stop. There's always someone who thinks he has a good reason to be ahead of you in the queue. Then, when the bus finally arrives, it stops at a random point along the line.

(What you don't see in the Youtube clips is the bit at the start, where Mr Bean is the only one unable to get on the previous bus, but wanders off to post a letter while he's waiting for the next one. while he's briefly away, she arrives...)


  1. It is a microcosm of society really. Mr Bean is trying to beat the system but remain acceptable, the mother ends up being suspicious and the blind man doesn't know what is going on which is true; some people never get it. Labour want to impose fairness (and that pernicious abstract called equality) on them.

    Labour must be having a laugh because it implies the system they have presided over since 1997 is unfair and most people aren't decent. I hope those concerned realise they are being preyed on and that they will continue to feel unfairly treated no matter who is in power as there isn't enough to go round and Labour can only provide empty slogans.

    I hope Master P is better and Mr P, you must not say 'they won though'! You competitive Dad you! You must just only think it in this day and age. I hope Master P's team gave them a jolly good thrashing though. Nasty game rugby. It does not suit everyone. :-)

  2. Good way to make sure the bus stops near you:

    When the bus is nearing, politely stick your hand out and look towards the bus driver and smile.

    In London the drivers are so used to people being sh1ts that they often return the favour by making sure you are the first to get on!

  3. Ha! Rugby was compulsory at my school. I was so rubbish at it that I was sent to the swimming pool instead.

  4. M - Labour face the usual problems of a government that has been in power for a long time, i.e. that if their current idea is such a good one, why have we had to wait so long for it? They also face the problem inherent in left-wing politics, that arguing over the cake is less fruitful* than baking a larger one.

    None of which upsets me. They do, after all, richly deserve it.

    BE - it is indeed amazing how effective the "being nice" tactic can be. Works in many situations too - truly, a transferable skill set. I was never that good at Rugby either; the rifle range was more suited to my talents.

    *I like fruit cake best