Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I want to set out my thoughts on what you should all do tomorrow. Advice is offered without charge but without liability; you are free to ignore it as you wish!

First, and foremost, vote. It is worthwhile, whatever people say. I know that there is a strong current of cynicism out there; that votes only count in the marginals, that they're all the same Labservatives really, that the EU decides everything, that the economy is so dire that no-one will achieve anything, and so on. There is, however, one small snag with all of this; it is rubbish. Indeed, if you will indulge me, it is patently rubbish.

There is clear blue idealogical water between the parties. Brown believes that only the State can save us and that the private sector is there to support the State. Cameron believe almost the exact opposite. If you were listening to the debates, as well as watching them, then this point came across loud and clear.  It will therefore make a difference who wins this election. Vote for the one who fits your world view best.  But make sure that you vote.

Second, make your vote as effective as you can. I am, as many of you will know, firmly libertarian in my outlook. However, the Libertarian party will not be getting my vote; nor did I volunteer to stand for it.  The reason is simple; whether you like FPTP or not, it is the system we use and it means that the Libertarians are not going to win anyseats, let alone win a majority. Sorry Obo, sorry OH, but there you have it. If we are to achieve a right-of-centre government, we need to vote Conservative. If you like what Labour has done to this country, then vote Labour and God help you.

Do not imagine that I am under some illusion that Dave is a closet libertarian.  His views seem to be a close match to mine, but not a perfect one. No; this is political pragmatism. Dave is the candidate for PM who is (a) acceptable and (b) stands a chance. You may have a different choice for criteria (a), but I urge you to remember (b) also.

So, to summarise; do vote, and vote effectively.


  1. Agree. Posted a while back on similar lines.
    If you are still undecided then you haven't really suffered under the last 13 years and are probably better off under Labour.

    Don't blog angry

  2. I am delighted to read your strong hint that should FPTP go, and be replaced with STV, you may well be voting LPUK.