Monday, 10 May 2010


So Gordon is stepping down so that Labour can find a new leader and make a deal with the Lib Dems?

A new Labour leader? So Labour would give us two unelected PMs in succession? Our leaders would be the bloke who came last in the leaders' debates, and a bloke who wasn't even there?

A Lib/Lab coalition - i.e. with 315 seats between them? Has anyone pointed out to them that they still won't have a majority? To save us from the instability of a minority government, they will give us a minority coalition?

My head is spinning.

If this happens, it will survive for months at best and will be the death knell for the Lib Dems and for PR. So I'm wholly in favour.


  1. So I'm wholly in favour.

    In which case, I take it you missed the fine print:

    Mr Brown also made it clear that he would expect to stay on as Prime Minister for a few more months in order to put in place his programme for economic recovery.

  2. Oh, dear god. I don't think we can survive any more of Brown's financial genius...

  3. So the Lib-Dems are playing one side off against the other. With the Conservatives they had half a chance of some glory with Labour they have a full chance of ignominy and scant chance of PR despite Labour promises.

    If it all falls apart I hope the Conservatives have the common sense not to go it alone or at least put forward a full blown Tory package and dare anyone to vote it down.

  4. Am I right in thinking that AV means the Lib Dems get to decide who the PM will be after every election, regardless of how the electorate has voted?

  5. No. AV means Labour always get in. Odd, that, as it was thought of by a Labour-appointed committee.

    You're thinking of PR.

  6. Yes, I forgot, AV is what Labour want. So let me get this clear: Mr Cameron's Conservatives are offering the Lib Dems a referendum on whether to fix the voting system so that the Conservatives can never get in again, even if the voters want the Tories. Why?

  7. As I outlined in my own blog, the priorities in electoral reform are surely to have equal sized constituencies throughout the country (including Scotland and Wales which are vastly over-represented at Westminster), and to curb the powers of Scottish and Welsh MPs in respect English matters where they have devolved powers.
    PR and other changes should follow far behind.

  8. Good point EP. Making it fair doesn't seem the top of the Lib Dem's wish list.