Sunday, 2 May 2010

A Dream Come True?

Me, 7 April 2010:
I've just realised. Politics is boring. Really, really boring. I'll vote for whoever says "For 5 years we'll leave you alone and keep quiet"
Cameron, today:
The style of government I aspire to is one of quiet effectiveness.


  1. 'Aspire to'...

    Not 'have plans to bring into being' or 'will be ensuring'. I mean, I aspired to doing a bit of spring cleaning this morning. Haven't actually done any, though...

  2. 'Effectiveness' does rather suggest that they're not planning on being quite as inactive as I would personal aspire to.

    Still. At least it beats 'lazy incompetence' as a style...

  3. Sounds sinister to me. Luckily for me though I hope I can pacify him by just handing over some money.