Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Let's be careful out there

I'm not planning to say much about the Paul Chambers trial. Just:

(a) anything that we post on the internet, be it a tweet, a blogpost, or a comment to a blogpost, opens us to criminal prosecution if there is someone out there who feels threatened by it, even if you didn't mean them to be feel threatened - or even to read it. Take care, people.

(b) I told you something like this would happen. Now you all officially have something to fear, even if you have nothing to hide.

I shall leave the causal analysis to Al-Jahom, who sums it up perfectly:
  • Bad law, drafted and passed into law by the Labour government.
  • Target driven pursuit of prosecutions, under whatever laws may apply, bad or not.
So, if you support Paul Chambers and share my horror and disgust at his plight, but you voted Labour last week, you really need to stand back and re-evaluate what it was you voted for.

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