Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Well, where do we go from here? Specifically, where do I go from here?

This blog has had a fairly consistent theme since its inception almost two years ago; that of vociferous (and sometimes plain angry) objection to the Labour government and in particular to the former* Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Neither now remains; my preferred choice is Prime Minister and we have a largely Tory government with a yellow streak that could well be quite successful. So is there still a point to this blog?

Don't worry, I'm not going the way of Letters. But there will be change around here. First and foremost, I have had a little cleanup of the sidebar (that bit over to the right); the anti-Gordon elements can go now that their work is done. My thanks go to those who provided them, especially Stu Sharpe for the "No Confidence" banner. Next, a shift of emphasis. The "Allegiance" banner is gone; for any of you who didn't work it out, it was the Cameroon flag. Whilst I still support him and wish him best, I do not plan to be an unthinking cheerleader for the PM; that way lies intellectual laziness and (rightly) ridicule. So from now on, I plan to shout out when I think the Tories are doing something stupid, rather than just quietly acknowledge it. I suspect that will mean the blog will become less political; we'll have to see whether they do enough stupid stuff for me to blog about. (I suspect they will - all governments do!)

As for what will replace the politics, well I'll try and limit the intellectual property stuff. Unless you're involved in IP, or an insomniac, I doubt you'll want to read it. Other than that, I'll have to see what takes my fancy. I hope you all stick around to find out!

*Yes! Yes! I've waited *so* long to say that......


  1. Sixty years and one day since the last time a Conservative became PM of a coalition Government.

    Somehow I think that "coalition" bit is still going to give you plenty to write about.

  2. Err....that should read seventy years, I think.

  3. Albert for Chancellor of the Exchequer!

  4. Why not? The Tories will let anyone into the Cabinet these days.

  5. The Telegraph reports: Mr Cameron hopes to increase the tax-free allowance on earnings to £10,000 – a key Liberal Democrat policy commitment. This would cost £17 billion a year with the money raised from other levies.

    How is this to paid for?

    Wealthier Britons are now set to pay an even heavier price for resolving the crisis in Britain’s public finances as they will bear more of the brunt of tax rises.

    I think my prediction about Cameron is being fulfilled (I'll not list other examples). I think my other prediction about you still having plenty to write about, is also about to be fulfilled.

  6. Oh, I think you will be writing about rights to paternity leave before the year is out. Your views may not coincide with those of David Cameron's.

    A different sort of darkest probably awaits society but one which will lead more of us to feel better about ourselves I hope. This blog helps me survive the bad times, share the good times, exercise those grey cells and observe you locating your spleen.

    It is the end of an era. Doesn't it feel good?