Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Stone Her!

In recent news, a man was accused of uttering the word "Jehova" in an entirely innocuous context:

Hang on, sorry, my mistake, I meant to say that Carol Thatcher was accused of saying "Golliwog"*, in a context that some say is innocuous and which others refuse to detail.



  1. Its like the monkey's paw.
    I wished for CT to be gone from my TV as she is such an oddball it disturbs me.

    But not like this..

    {dare I wish her back? Who can conceive of the form she might take?}

  2. She was PBS to have such a conversation with a pair of renowned media lefty types. I can't get worked up about the word, personally. I would have been more offended if she had said "wog" or "nigger".

  3. renowned media lefty types

    What? Surely you're not suggesting that they had it in for her?

    Why would they? Is she related to anyone who used to be in public life and who was slightly disliked by the left, then?


    (actually, I've since heard that the tennis player was this guy. If that's true, then unless he's changed his hairstyle since that pic was taken then it doesn't look very promising for Thatch junior...)