Saturday, 14 February 2009

A New Word

I think I've invented a new word. I needed it in order to comment on Blue Eye's blog.

I'm quite pleased with it. I give you a newly defined sector of society, the:


If you've met one, you'll know them. They've been sought out over the last 11 years, to fill all those positions of minor state power over us. They're the ones that tell us "speed kills". That bins need to be put out in the morning, not the night before. That leaving your car outside an A&E unit for 6 minutes instead of the permitted 5 means you need a parking ticket. Etc, etc.


  1. Patently. You should try some of our weekend pastimes when we are having a break from the countries economic stories.

    This was a word one from a few weeks back.

    The current one asks for Gladiator names..try it out.
    Those who are about to lie, salute you.

  2. I'm afraid I can beat Bill Quango's etymology there.

    Idiocracy is the name of a 2006 film directed by Mike Judge.

    Here: Let me Google that for you


  3. Sounds like a great film - have just ordered it from Amazon, together with Incompetence, the novel (listed under "see also" on the film's wiki page.

    I guess there's nothing new under the sun (which is bad news for a patent attorney).

  4. "Incompetence" - I have read that and I enjoyed it. You just reminded me. Now I am going to see the person I lent it to and get it back.