Saturday, 14 February 2009


Ambush Predator has a summary of the Friday the Thirteenth effect on Gordon Brown, which is worth reading. Couldn't happen to a more deserving PM, I say.

Anyway, one quote on the effect of a pilot NHS project to prepare for the NHS supercomupter struck my eye. It seems that the project involved spending large amounts of money on IT, as a result of which the hospital was able to deal with fewer patients. Not only that:
Mr Way said the cost of the problems had meant it was be unable to invest in new equipment.

As I commented on JuliaM's blog, this is a welcome relief - that someone in the public sector has finaly noticed that public funds are not unlimited, and if you throw them away on pointless worthless boondoggles like the NHS supercomputer, ID cards & databases, and so on, people suffer because something they need can't be bought.

Next, in a series of further moments of enlightenment, the public sector will discover that the earth is round, the Pope is Catholic, and bears will make a mess if left to their own devices in a wood.

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  1. You mean like the types who spend all their benefit cheques on flat screen tellies, fags and booze then can't afford to feed their children properly?