Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Only one shot

Cameron's son has died. Regular readers (both of you?) will know that my son has been ill; although his treatment continues, he is much better now but would probably have died last week had it not been for prompt medical care. The two coming at the same time have made me stop and think.

Life is precious. Life can be short. Life is, above all, not within our control.

So make the most of it; you only have one go. Get out, enjoy yourself, and spread love and happiness.

There is a huge flower arrangement sitting next to me, waiting for Mrs P to return. It is there for one simple reason; that she will love it, that she will smile, and that there is no way I can guarantee that I will have another chance to see that smile and bring that happiness. If I passed on the opportunity to see that smile today, and then something happened which meant I never saw it again, how could I forgive myself?

Go on. Smile at someone on the way home tonight (if they think you're a nutter, who cares!). If you have one, give your other half a hug/flowers/kiss/whatever. Tell them what they mean to you. Make them smile.

Let me know what you do. I'd love to hear.


  1. Well, to be honest, I didn't do anything interesting or out of the ordinary. Maybe an extra hug, or a bit more of an attempt to be considerate. But I did get a smile.

    I did, however, stop and think. You see, my wife and I were engaged for (a long) two years, because she was working in central Africa at the time, and had to complete her contract there before coming home and getting married. During those two years, there were times when I wondered whether she would make it, because she was subject to repeated malaria attacks, and at one stage she was not responding to the conventional treatments. She was never quite at death's door, but I knew that there was a possibility that she would not make it to our wedding day. And I would think that even a year together, even a month together would be better than nothing. In the end, she made it, and we've had over a decade so far. I'm grateful.

    I'm glad that your son is on the mend. It can't be easy for Mr and Mrs Cameron.