Monday, 16 February 2009

It's an Unfair Cop

Not only am I racist, apparently, I'm now also a terrorist (sort of).

A short while back I posted on the subject of the new anti-photographer law ... ooops sorry I mean anti-terrorist law that came into force today. Taking pictures that may be of use to terrorists is now illegal, it seems. Well, how about this one:

This shows a public access gate to a reservoir. Maybe terrorists could go sailing (I'm sure Raedwald could find a photo of a boat?) and drop something nasty over the side?

Should I be dressed and ready at 6am tomorrow in case the Rozzers call?

(Thinking about it, at least I now have an answer to anyone who bleats "those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear". I now have something to hide!)


  1. Oh dear. And the Home Secretary knows where you live.
    She doesn't know where she lives, but she knows where you live.

  2. Before getting down to the unhappy business of commenting on the state of our country, permit me to say what a delight it was to stumble over this blog. I had been missing your presence and contributions in the Back Room, and had not realised that your writings were now being published elsewhere. I am delighted.

    But now to business . . . .

    What concerns me is that our country is rapidly becoming a different place. It is not simply that, as you say "our law is now explicitly oppressive", it is also that when the Rozzers call for you, you may find (like Mr Jonathan Blake) that the treatment you receive is unfair and ungentlemanly, and that (like the friend of Mr Katabasis) the police may use means both fair and foul to make sure that you are convicted.

  3. Welcome, Mr B - glad to see you here! I'm amazed anyone even remembers my witterings, let alone misses them, so your post cheered me up immensely! What user id did/do you use in the Backroom? (email me if you prefer - address is on the front page)

    As regards your comment, yes it is indeed sad. It is part of the same arrogance, though. If the State is always right and always benevolent, then those who disagree must ipso facto be wrong. Therefore any action taken against them must be justified.