Friday, 13 November 2009

Today Glasgow...

Labour's win in Glasgow NE is not the slightest bit surprising. It is indeed a triumph for Labour to retain this seat, even if they have held it since 1935. It is in no way a disturbing disappointment to see turnout fall by 12.5% compared to the previous election in which (by convention) the Speaker stood for re-election, generally unopposed.

This is undoubtedly, in the words of the successful candidate, "a resounding victory ... for Gordon Brown and a vote of confidence in the way the government is trying to get us out of recession". It is without doubt clear evidence that the people "have backed Gordon Brown in his efforts to secure our economic recovery".


Yes it is.

So go on, Gordon. As you candidate says, "The message for the general election is game on".

Go for it, Gordon. Call a Christmas election. Surf this wave of popular support.

Go on.

I dare you.



  1. Patently,

    Time is running out for them but they want to spend as much of your lovely money as they can.

    What amazed me is that young, unemployed, single women were the largest group of 'no show', yet you would think they would work out they should vote Labour. One single mother said her children's free lunches were worth £28 a week alone. Well, their bread is buttered. Don't want to upset you anymore though.

    (Good Luck to Master P this weekend if he is sitting tests tomorrow. Tell him to be wise, to be careful and to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief afterwards. :-))

  2. (Thanks ... all tests done, waiting for the results on Friday!)

  3. "What amazed me is that young, unemployed, single women were the largest group of 'no show', yet you would think they would work out they should vote Labour."

    Maybe there was a sale on somewhere?

  4. I have a very nasty feeling that labour will not do SO bad in the next election as you all think.

    "Welcome to my nightmare", to quote Alice.

  5. Julia - Miaoowww!

    FT - yes, I fear that too. It is an odd mix of hope and fear at the moment.

  6. Who represents young unemployed single people? My flatmate has recently been laid off, the council are offering to pay housing benefit for him at £20 a week below his rent (and he is in a cheap houseshare with bills included).

    There are no rooms in the city he lives in at the rates they are offering and he only qualifies for £60 a week jobseekers. Imagine bills weren't included, his housing benefit plus JSA would just about cover rent and bills leaving hom begging for scraps or defaulting on his gas bill.

    I don't blame him for voting BNP, he knows fine well how much money (and free housing) a family of Somali's gets, they are the only party offering an economic policy that would benefit someone like him (a low paid white manual worker that has been laid off).

  7. He doesn't match any of Labour's "good causes", Steven. So he gets no sympathy.

    Labour's approach to equality is deeply unfair.

  8. Sorry, because he is 24, not 25 or over he gets £50.95 a week JSA not £60 like I said.

    This 'child poverty' thing is a joke. I here people come up with all sorts of reasons why we should leave the UK, but the practice of paying the benefits 'ADHD' classes to outbreed normal people has to be number one.