Monday, 9 November 2009

Don't Throw Your Poppy Away

Constantly Furious has a far better use for your poppy, once we are past the 11th. Read this to see why. Then read here to see what to do with it.

In short, the train drivers' union ASLEF decided to make a point in its pay negotiations. A quick work-to-rule should do it; Sunday working is voluntary so they'll take the day off. Sod the passengers.

And when would be the "best" Sunday to do this? Why, yesterday of course. After all, no-one will want to travel to the Capital on Remembrance Sunday. Except for a few old men.

Old men who fought for us.

Old men who saw their comrades die for us.

Old men who want to commemorate their comrades.

Old men who have in all probability given far more to this country and taken proportionately far less than the trade unionists behind this ever will.

It was Rick Mayall in The Young Ones who managed to get everyone thrown off a train by telling the conductor that ASLEF was an anagram for "total and complete bastard". Difficult to argue with, really.


  1. I think I have had enough of people who cannot spell for one day but I won't argue. :-)

    I have also had enough of people who are inconsiderate.

    Not like you to be so emotive in your argument...that ticklish side is exposed...

  2. It's the disrespect that makes me angry. Always does.

    And yes, hands up, a typo. **#@@**. ;-)

  3. I buy my poppy in remembrance of the ones who didn't come back; in remembrance of those with severe disabilities; in remembrance of those who will not be catching a train up to town.

    Okay, someone with experience would not have chosen last Sundayn'to work, but at least they are not (yet) inconveniencing the hardworking commuters. ASLEF is flexing its muscle but I get the impression that everyone is starting to fight for his corner. I do not disagree some disrespect and inconsiderate behaviour is apparent, but it is when actios inconvenience many that one should really raise one's quills.

    Now, what does **#@@** mean? It's definitely novel but I do identify with it this evening. I do not wear glasses, rose tinted or otherwise! How about you? ;-)