Saturday, 24 October 2009

In Which Master Patently Turns Criminal

We went out shopping this afternoon. Master P caused quite some concern by producing a gun at the till. I was immediately summoned by the Manager, who was understandably nervous.

You see, the plastic toy gun that he wanted to purchase cannot be sold to someone of such tender years. My presence was needed, in order to make the transaction legal. Apparently, and this is the crucial point, if a not-very-convincing replica toy gun is sold to a child in the absence of his parent, he is likely to use it to hold up a bank. My presence at the point of sale means that it is now impossible for him to put the toy to nefarious use.

Or something.

I was quite disappointed. I wanted to call in at the bank to see if pointing a plastic gun at them would make them give us some monopoly money.


  1. Alternatively, they may have called for PC McGarry to begin hostage negotiations...

  2. Sorry about Master P. Love the hedgehog though.

  3. Government overreacts, civil servants overreact (it is not important enough for MPs to make a stand, lest they get shot), the importers overreact, trading standards overreact, the shopkeeper overreacts and then the shop assistant seizes on her moment. Well, at least no one else overeacted or got shot in the process but you must have been tempted! ;-)

    An old fashioned stick can make a jolly good gun and guns with caps are fun. Not so sure about the real thing; how similiar to a real gun does Master P's new acquisition look? Presumably his friends will be envious?

    The hedgehog in your profile looks adorable with its little nose and beady eyes. Yes, must be careful to cuddle the right side.

  4. how similiar to a real gun does Master P's new acquisition look?

    Not very!

    Actually, all the staff in the shop were of a very apologetic nature. They all thought it utter rubbish; I suspect that (like me) they remeber buying such things when they were children and somehow managing not to accidentally hold up a bank...

  5. It's good to know the staff were sympathetic, but I bet Master P felt like he'd done something terribly wrong, poor chap. No one thinks of the human cost of putting these stupid rules in place.

  6. When I were a lad we had a "replica" gun which shot tiny potato bullets at high velocity. Except it never worked...

  7. The rules do sound ridiculous.

    Master P acquired a BB gun brought in from France with ammo and only one pair of goggles (?). He owned a plastic rifle and plastic handgun when small, but I was not comfortable with the BB gun, although I did not go ballistic (well, some will claim I did.) Everyone played target games with it while supervised and then it 'disappeared.' I did not want injured animals running around and Master M often has friends to stay. No one complained. I think most people instinctively know when things are dangerous.

    BE, fresh potato may have been the problem as the surface is wet. They still sell those shooters. Woolworthd use to sell an excellent game shooting bottles off a log with a gun with a light sight. Bring back 'the good ole days.' Anyway at least you looked respectable, P, as they probably could have refused the sale if you did appeared 'dodgy.' Master P must have been proud of his dad. Perhaps you wearing a tie?

  8. Mine worked fine. Stung, too, as my sisters can confirm...