Friday, 30 October 2009

Home truths

My first home truth is for big-state socialists. You firmly believe in "equality", your interpretation of which is that it is unfair for people to earn significantly more than you. You also believe in high levels of Government spending, now roughly 50p in the pound. Now, assuming you pay 22p tax and 15% VAT on the rest, i.e. a total tax payment of 32p in the pound, if you don't approve of high earners, where do you expect the other 18p to come from?

Second, change activists - when you switch with ease from claiming that "everyone agrees, so the debate is over" to claiming that "all those many, many who disagree are deranged", does it make your brain hurt?

Any other suggestions?


  1. NI is a further 10p, meaning that medium earners such as myself pay around a third of their salaries direct to the state plus 15% on anything we spend. The rest comes from printing money.

  2. Here's one:

    When you vote Labour, do you do it because your dad and granddad voted labour, or are you really unable to think for yourself?

  3. Hmmm, yes, NI. Forgot that. good point, Blue. Of course, accepting that it forms part of HMG's income is also an acceptance that it is no longer a National Insurance scheme and is therefore a fraud on the taxpayer... ;-)

    Henry - nice!

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