Thursday, 24 September 2009

Truth will out

After all the spin, all the press releases, all the proud announcements in the House that he saved the world, the truth finally hits home.

A private conference between the two of them? No chance.

A public press briefing, Obama and Brown side by side? Don't make the White House laugh.

Obama will only talk to Gordon in passing, in a kitchen - after being cornered, no doubt. That is what Brown has reduced this country to. Economically crippled, diplomatically ignored, militarily overstretched.

Constantly Furious puts it wonderfully - Gordon is the sad old bloke in the corner who no-one wants to talk to.

Get out, Gordon. You're embarrassing us.

(Update - The Daily Mash has a very good angle on the story, too)


  1. "But I'm World Statesman of the Year!"


    Other countries used to have a kind of grudging respect for this country. How many decades will it take us to repair this damage?

  2. Love that 'Daily Mash' link! :)

  3. He is the bloke in the pub from the fast show..

    "You the President are you. I used to do a bit of the world statesman myself. Hardest game in the world that is.."
    And rattles on while Obama nods smiles and makes a cup a soup before saying "Excuse me" and walking out the room