Thursday, 2 July 2009


The Spectator Coffee House has a post on the Tories' plan to improve education. Amongst other suggestions is the desire to improve the quality of future teachers. The Spectator comments:

Under a Conservative government, those in state-run teacher training would not be allowed to retake the literacy and numeracy tests multipile times.
I can't decide whether the penultimate word is accidental or deliberate. It reminds me of the sign that is currently plastered on various roads in South Bucks. For a brief period, the sign advertised that summer activity classes for children would be held in the nearby "Royal Grammer School".


  1. And you just know someone's going to wonder where the 'k' went off the end of your post title, don't you...? ;)

  2. Or tell me that it's pronounced "sic", but it's spelt "seek" ;-)