Monday, 13 July 2009

Letters from a Tory is right

Letters from a Tory comments on the Afghan war:

last month, the military were denied the extra manpower that they needed to keep our troops and Afghan civilians safe because the Treasury has run out of money. Why has the Treasury run out of money? The answer is very simple – Gordon Brown. His arrogance and failures have not only left this country with over one trillion pounds worth of debt (and rising), he is leaving our troops for dead in a war zone because they do not have the equipment and support they need.
This is the real human cost of Brown's financial incompetence over the last 12 years

There are no words to express how angry I am. There really aren’t.
You an me both, LFAT.


  1. Back from holiday, so I'm afraid I'm posting late, but I want to say that I am angry, too.

    What makes me absolutely furious, however, is this little bit from Wikipedia:

    In June 2008 the Sunday Times reported that Dannatt's expected routine promotion to Chief of the Defence Staff had been personally blocked by Prime Minister Gordon Brown "because of his repeated calls for better pay and conditions for servicemen".

    The Prime Minister is so small minded that not only does he show scant concern about the lives of service personnel, but, when the head of the British Army is so concerned about what is happening to soldiers that he feels that he has to speak out publicly, the PM steps in to block his promotion.

    I may be wrong, but this looks like pure nasty, vindictiveness.