Thursday, 14 May 2009

Reasons for not having an iPhone, No. 63

Quite simply, there are some things you just don't want to know first thing in the morning:


  1. A patent attorney with an iPhone? Did your assistant have to tell you how to switch it on? ;-)

  2. Well, the iPhone is hers, in fact. She is the guinea pig in this instance. If it works out and her iPhone proves to be compatible with my systems then another will be ordered...

    Complete honesty requires me to admit that the picture is in fact from my iPod ... which I am quite capable of operating, thanks!

  3. You have to shake it vigourously to reset it, you know. Then you turn the two dials in the bottom corners to perform calculations ;-)

    (Actually, ironically, the new version has 'shake to undo'...)

  4. Aww come on Patently, we all know that once a person makes that progression from trainee to attorney he/she loses all interest in matters of practical technology. Anything not involving quill pens and blotting paper is delegated; plans for new computers are shelved on the basis that "Windows 3.1 does everything I need"; twenty-year-old laser printers are still considered "cutting edge"

  5. :-D Yes, I do like my fountain pen, in fact. And Windows 3.11 was very good indeed - I struggle to think of anything useful that XP does which 3.11 didn't. Except of course for "be compatible with other stuff that also does the same as what early 90s software did".

    Of course, the early 90s software was simpler, so it ran faster and with fewer bugs. In that vein, what I really miss, though, is WordPerfect 5.1 ;-)

    Stu - that was one of my absolute favourite Dilbert cartoons. Along with the suggestion that to help with the weight of his laptop, he could think about deleting some files.

  6. Patently, that puts me right off getting an iPhone. Now if it had been showing 21° before going under the covers, that would have been different matter.