Saturday, 30 May 2009

I haz iPhone!

So... what are the must-have apps? I've already installed a free twitter client, Google Earth and Shazam. What else should I get?

(apart from BabyGrand, of course...)


  1. What exactly do you mean 'apart from Baby Grand'?

    It's only the best damn App in the Store... :-P

  2. I meant, I already know about that one...

    Of course...

    What did you think I meant? ;-)

  3. God, there's so many to choose from!

    Some cool (and useless) like the one that makes it double as a spirit level. I mean, how often do you need one of those, anyway?

    Some useful, but pointing out your inadequacies, like the one that works out the split of meals plus tip for you. What, you don't just throw a wedge of tenners on the table like everyone else?

    Well, since we are heading for the seventies (inflation/deflation, hopeless Labour govt, strikes on the horizon), there's really only one killer app:


  4. Wonderful - thanks Julia! How have I coped without that for so long?