Friday, 29 May 2009

Let me get this right...

I've been trying to work this one out all week. I'm still having a problem.

So, it seems that the MPs expenses scandal was not because some MPs are shameless and/or fraudulent, it was all the fault of the first-past-the-post manner in which they were elected? Sorry, I don't understand that one.

OK, I'll try again. If, in future, we adopt a new electoral system which the voters have more difficulty understanding, then the MPs we elect will be more trustworthy? No ... sorry .... I still don't follow.

Maybe, somewhere in the process of transferring a single vote to a second preference candidate, some of the trustworthiness and probity of the voter is also magically transferred to the second preference candidate? Well, it sounds more feasible than the first two, I have to say.

Or, is it that the rats have finally realised that the New Labour ship is sinking fast and have latched onto the nearest bit of driftwood that might just keep them in some form of power after the electorate have firmly ordered them out of office? Now we're getting somewhere...

If we really want to clean up Parliamentary expenses, why can't we just publish all MPs' expense claims? Then, the fear of public ridicule will weed out unreasonable claims. Such a system would also be self-correcting (as public attitudes shifted) and self-policing. Oh - hang on - I'm agreeing with David Cameron again. Oh well.

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