Saturday, 28 March 2009

A Reply!

I've received a reply to my letter from the Senior Correspondence Officer at Buckingham Palace:

The Queen has asked me to thank you for your letter of 10th March.

Her Majesty has taken note of the views you express. I should explain, however, that there is no possibility of The Queen dismissing the Prime Minister or dissolving Parliament as you suggest, as any actions which Her Majesty takes as a constitutional Sovereign would be in accordance with the advice of her Government Ministers.

Nonetheless, it was useful to The Queen to have your views and I am to thank you for writing.

Oh well. Not unexpected, but nicely put. And on exceedingly nice notepaper. Recycled, too!


  1. Gawd Bless 'Er, as I may have mentioned elsewhere...

    Fascinating to note that the reasons given for not dissolving Parliament are purely technical. There is no defence of the Prime Minister nor any suggestion that Her Majesty doesn't share your view on the situation.

    It is, of course, perfectly possible that The Queen doesn't take sides in such matters as a matter of protocol, but interesting nonetheless.

  2. Look for a microdot, or invisible ink.. They are watching all the time now..
    Remember, all correspondence is monitored.. even facebook.

    Try over the 'i' in 'views'
    We await the real letter that Her Maj sent you when the guards were distracted.
    Or maybe a secret data disk concealed in the gummed seal of the envelope..
    Plans of the Death Star and a message..

    Cshhhh ..."Help me Osama Bin-Patently. You're our only hope.."

    We await your report..{or at least a fantasy version to bring hope to the oppressed.}