Friday, 20 March 2009

The G20 is more than a Party Political Broadcast - or is it?

Labour have published a microsite for the forthcoming G20 summit. There is a big banner there:

And they ask for comments in a very obvious "can-we-have-your-email-address-please" kind of way. They want to know what we would like to say to Brown, Obama, and the other 18 attendees who are (presumably) such non-entities that they don't merit naming. Or maybe Labour can't remember who they are?

Anyway, I've offered two comments so far:

This one:

I would like to ask the G20 whether they are aware that the UK's Labour Party is unable to distinguish between its governmental activities and its party political activities, as exemplified by its microsite at, which is a clear example of using publicly funded events to boost their own dire poll ratings?

and this one:

I would like to ask the other members of the G20 whether they are a little bit insulted that our Prime Minister thinks that the G20 is a meeting of himself, Mr Obama, and 18 other little people whose names don't merit mentioning, and whether this might affect their willingness to help the UK out of the hole it made for itself?

I'm not optimistic for a meaningful reply!

Update: Gosh, this is fun:

Talk about Friday Fun:
Fun that continues for as long as you want:

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  1. Your communications have powerful effects Patently. You write to the Queen and the next thing we read she has summoned Mr King and had a very private exchange of views with him shortly after he told Brown there was no money left for any more fiscal whatsit.