Monday, 9 March 2009

Oh well.

Well, my outbreak of optimism has well and truly fizzled out. Of all the things that I decided to get on with and do while I still can, each and every one has been shot down in flames. In the opinion of others, each is either too expensive, too time-consuming, too fattening, or we don't have space for it. Or a combination of more than one, in a few cases.

I spent a week trying, and last Sunday night the last remaining idea fell off the list with a dispirited sigh, leaving me with decades of work still ahead of me and no hobbies or outside interests that I can pursue with a clean conscience. So the overall outcome of the sentiments in my earlier post has been to make me spend the last week even more down than before.

Sorry for miserable posting. Normal service may one day be resumed, I hope.


  1. I hate to have to tell you this but you are wrong! I think there is change in the air. Join my movement.

  2. Optimism comes in spikes. When a new idea occurs it is easy to get excited about. After the initial setbacks it's easy to feel downcast. You should see some of the projects I've tried to get started in the past.

    I would take the ups and downs of thwarted optimism over the mundanity of never bothering to try any day of the week.

    Just hang in there :-)