Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Very good video from the No2ID campaign:

Highlights pefectly the problem with the ever increasing level of enforced intrusion into people's lives. The proposed database takes information that is the property of the individual and appropriates in under threat of criminal sanction. Information such as where I live is for me to control; I only tell people that I want to tell. There are (inevitably) limits on the control I can exert over this; but there is still a degree of control, and it is not right to confiscate that.

People may have 101 different reasons for wanting privacy. Whitehall does not always know best.

(With thanks to Torybear)


  1. "Whitehall does not always know best."

    And the award for understatement of the day goes to......!

  2. No kidding.

    But someone really ought to tell Whitehall one day - I don't think they realise!