Friday, 12 December 2008

Shock News Just In!

Voters reject higher taxes.... Gosh.

Yes, Manchester has said no to extra road taxes. Which is not surprising, really; at a time of declining economic prospects, after millions of people signed the number ten petition against road tolls, there was an emphatic 'no' from Manchester's voters. A majority against the proposal was present in every single ward.

No doubt a new transport plan will be hatched so that the idea can be put before the voters again, and again if necessary, until they do as their politicians tell them. Such is democracy, of course.


  1. Then l just keep voting NO. When they stop getting accountants and experts to run public transport and get people that have a modicum of sense l will use it.

  2. So ... you might use public transport if it went where you wanted, when you wanted?

    An interesting idea...

  3. Vetnurse - that is it! The bus routes cleverly designed to cover as wide an area as possible but in doing so take twice as long to get from A to B! You must live very close to me...

  4. My journey to the office is eight miles and takes around 12-15 minutes. There is no bus, I might be able to take two buses but the journey would be long and if I needed to go and see a client during the day I'd be stuck. It's time they stopped demonising car drivers, people who live in country areas just can't depend on public transport.

    Vetnurse - as an Accountant I can tell you we do not support these daft proposals. Blame the enviromentalists and the revenue raising politians.

    Mrs S.

  5. My Mrs used to catch the bus home. Her journey was 6 miles.
    I regularly left Brighton to return to London at the same time as she left work, using my car. Who was normally home first?

    OK it was her, but by around 10 minutes maximum.