Saturday, 20 September 2008

Wizard idea, Gordon

So JK Rowling is going to give loads of cash to New Labour, because they're more likely to help poor impoverished single Mums ... like her.

What? Did I miss the moment in her life story when a social worker dropped by to suggest a plotline to her? And when Gordon Brown as Chancellor provided the publishing advance for her first book? And when the official Government printing presses rolled to produce her books and lift her (and her children) from poverty?

No .... it was private enterprise that took her from poverty to a £500M+ net worth. Individual endeavor. Capitalism, in short. Her own hard work, her own inspiration, combined with the seed funding of other private enterprise. Wake up, girl.

Maybe this reveals Gordon's last hope - that just as the backbench rebels close in, just as Lord Milli... err .. Voldemort arives for the kill, good old Dumbledore will appear and save Gordon's skin.

Some hope, I suspect....

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