Wednesday, 10 September 2008

If the CBI called for a reduction in the age of consent, we would ask why it was any business of theirs.

If the Archbishop of Canterbury expressed concern as to the workings of the Companies Act, we would wonder if there was something amiss at Lambeth Palace.

If FIFA said that Formula One races should be run to 75 laps not 50 then we would tell them to stick to football.

So why, when the TUC starts calling for a windfall tax, do we not tell them to shut up and get on with their job of thinking about worker's rights instead? Provided that employers do not mistreat their staff in the process, the fact that they have had a good year is no business of the unions whatsoever. It is, indeed, startling that unions are calling for the people who pay their members' wages to be left with less money with which to do so.

It is almost as if the union movement did not care two hoot about the workers, but merely saw itself as part of a national socialist* movement. It is almost as if we did not have a proper or effective Government in Westminster; as if the TUC sees itself as the puppetmaster.

But that can't possibly be the case, else all "New" Labour's proclamations since Blair appeared will have been duplicitous doublespeak.....

*in view of numerous Labour attacks on civil liberties, I will not be editing that appelation to remove the ambiguity.

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  1. National Socialists say a real rise in workers wages and living standards between 1933 and 1940. Probably the best in Europe.

    Of course we know how it ends. The workers ending up with the poorest living conditions/salaries/ prospects etc. Oh yes, and a large number were of them were no longer contributing quite as much to the economy as they had been, on account of being dead.