Friday, 5 September 2008

No thank you, Ms Mikko

This post from Raedwald is essential reading. It seems that the EU is discussing whether to regulate blogs; apparently even blogs as little-read as this one constitute part of the media, which is regulated, so therefore blogs should be too.

I just cannot improve on Raedwald's summary:
I just cannot begin to comprehend the utter, barking and howling, screaming at the moon, carpet-chewing insanity of these morons.
Yes, that pretty well sums it up.


  1. I dont understand. What has been your experience with Ms. Mikko and explain blogs like hers should be regulated.

  2. What has been your experience with Ms. Mikko

    My experience of her is that she proposed the regulation of blogs because although she acknowledged that they were a force for good and were not being abused, she felt that they could be used in a way that she didn't like, therefore her organisation should take powers to prevent them being used in a way that it didn't like.

    That is the instinctively interventionist state-socialist outlook that I abhor. Regulate even that which is doing no harm, because it might one day need regulation...

    explain blogs like hers should be regulated

    I'll try, if you explain what that means... ;-)