Friday, 24 July 2009

Please do not adjust your browsers... there will now be a temporary intermission while I go on holiday.

I have (literally) no idea what degree of Internet access will be available to me in the rural backwater of the poor benighted country that I shall be visiting, so service for the next week is likely to be sporadic.

My photo site is loaded up with scheduled posts, so do drop by for a peek. There are some there that I particularly like; I hope you will, too.

And remember, please, no-one is to do anything newsworthy until I am back in the country. I'd hate to miss the excitement.


  1. I hope that you (& the entire Patently clan) have a pleasant holiday. I find that being away from the internet is very relaxing.

    By the way, what is this about scheduled posts? Is it possible to arrange things so that items are uploaded regularly in one's absence?

  2. Why thank you, Mr. B. We did indeed enjoy ourselves - little beats a combination of a good setting and good company.

    Scheduled posts are easy - look for the "Post Options" link in the Blogger composition page. Click that, and a "Post Date and Time" field is revealed. Edit that to a date or time in the future, click "Publish", and Blogger holds the post until its appointed time.

  3. Thanks for that. One day I'll get the hang of this blogging business.

    Glad that you enjoyed your holiday.

  4. You've got the important bits sorted ok... all the rest is just wondow dressing.