Friday, 17 July 2009


Apparently there is some kind of poll going on about political blogs? The odd blog here and there mentions it. Some kind of link to Iain Dale is involved?

Well, my votes have gone in. I'm not going to say who I voted for, partly because Iain asks us not to, but mainly because I'm very shy and like to keep these things quiet.

Suffice to say, while there more than ten blogs that I think are good enough to read regularly, only ten or so are good enough for me to bother commenting on. So you know who you all are!

Good luck to all of you.


  1. Do they have to be all "politics" blogs? I reckon there are only about five or six "politics" blogs worth voting for.

  2. All my votes were for blogs that deal mainly with issues that I consider are political, but only a minority were overtly "party" political...

    [irritating patent attorney mode]

    Of course, the existence of the term party political indicates that the term political is wider than merely issues surrounding political parties and therefore encompasses issues that are political but are not party political....

    [/irritating patent attorney mode]

  3. I think it could be possible to construe the word political to cover virtually any expression of opinion. What I am asking is whether I would be allowed to include, say, police blogs in Dale's list. While typing this I have just realised that one can only nominate blogs which are in Dale's repository so maybe taking a look at that will answer my question.

  4. Clearly it depends what your definition of 'political' is. One of the problems with being largely unaffiliated with any party - or at least not wearing it on your sleeve - is that it gives other people little to sink their teeth into.

    That said, I think you, me and Blue Eyes (amongst many others) genuinely just write stuff because we enjoy doing it, not for success or glory. Clearly, I was joking about it yesterday - but in all seriousness I'd definitely rather have interesting conversations with you guys than lists or votes any day of the week ;-)

    Oh, and more to the point, a vote for my blog would be wasted - I'm fairly certain I'm not in Iain Dale's repository (scary thought). I'm sure I'll be able to see my way clear to putting a vote for ten blogs in, though...

  5. Stu - your middle paragraph hits the nail on the head. That is precisely why I do this...

    What is Iain Dale's Repository?

  6. Hey, if you bloggers all vote for each other, work out who will determine the rankings? ;-)

    [/irritating commenter mode as argument may not stand up closer to scrutiny.....]

  7. Anyone can vote, M. All you need is an email address and an opinion, and I happen to know that you have both ;-)

  8. We will not attach much weight to the results then.

    At least your blog does not demonstrate any signs of madness and I reckon I am discerning!